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Make Informed Decisions Without Fear

Grass Roots Taxes’ mission is to help taxpayers navigate the bureaucracy of taxes and government 

Bad AI money graphic for other taxes


In this series, I covered income tax, franchise tax, property tax, sales tax, and payroll tax but th…

Bad AI image for franchise tax

Franchise Tax

One day, I got a call from a lady who got a reminder letter to pay her Franchise Tax. “Why do I have…

Bad AI graphic for payroll taxes

Payroll Taxes

I had a client come to me and tell me they had an employee and were taking taxes out but didn’t know…

Bad AI image for business property tax

Business Property Tax

I paid income tax when I earned the money, then I paid sales tax on this when I bought it, are you t…

Disaster pic for retirement withdrawal

Can I use my Retirement Funds after a Disaster?

Carolina Hurricanes. San Jose Earthquakes. Chicago Fire. Colorado Avalanche. Am I talking about spor…

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Business Sales Tax

One of the scariest things a new client has said to me: I started a business last year. I’ve been ch…

Overwhelmed With Tax or Accounting? Questions? Don’t know who to ask? In most cases, we can help you. Some of the things we can help you sort out:

  • Nasty letters from the IRS or state,
  • Starting a new business or forming an LLC
  • Getting your people on payroll or collecting sales tax
  • Changes in your life (marriage, divorce, birth, death, new job, retirement)
  • That nagging pile of receipts that you know are probably important
  • You just need your taxes done and have a few questions…

We’re open all year. We do not require a retainer. We handle all case sizes. Your first visit is always free! Contact us below to get started!

What Can Grassroots Taxes Do For Your Business?

Check out the 36 Things we can do for your business!

I highly recommend her.

If you are in business you need Diane to keep you straight. She explains everything in layman’s terms, is efficient and is always professional.

Marsha F.

Title Position

NOONE will ever do my taxes again!

By far the best tax professional I know. NOONE will ever do my taxes again!

Billy L.

She is the best.

Diane is very knowledgeable and is friendly to help with tax questions. She is the best.

John S.

She has gotten me out of more than one jam

Diane really knows taxes. Well, she knows other accounting stuff too, but she has gotten me out of more than one jam. She is always happy and smiling.

Guy L

A true tax geek

A true tax geek that knows her stuff.

Jeremy W.


We wouldn’t go to anyone else! We love her and her knowledge. If you are ever in doubt CALL DIANE!

Erika Y.

Can’t recommend her highly enough!

I can’t say enough EXCELLENT things about Diane! Super helpful, knowledgeable, and speaks “normal-ese” not “accountant-ese” to us.

Kat B.

Timely and Cost Effective.

Great work, timely and cost effective.

Rob B.

Highly recommend!

We’ve tried three different tax professionals over the years, and Diane is by far our best fit. Her processes were streamlined and straightforward, communication was good, and her online platform made it easy to wrangle a lot of small-business-owner information into one place.

Teresa Y.

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About Grass Roots Taxes

Grass Roots Taxes’ mission is to help taxpayers navigate the bureaucracy of taxes and government while helping you understand and make informed decisions without fear.

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